coffee and plant on Tile IslandGourmet Coffee’s Long Sorted History

The history of gourmet coffee began in the tenth century when a farmer in the Middle East noticed that his goats chewed the beans and then acted strange. He chewed on one as well and the rush that coffee gives you took over his body. It was then believed that he ground the beans and brewed them with water to make the drink we now call coffee.  When Europeans got a chance to taste the coffee, it started to grow in popularity. This could be because the earliest brewed versions of coffee weren’t that tasty so lots of milk and sugar was added to make it more enjoyable.

Over the years, the taste was improved thanks to the people who had a love for coffee.  Coffee bean farmers were busy experimenting with different ways to grow coffee beans to try and improve the overall taste. Different beans and blends were made of coffee to form what we now call gourmet coffee. Once the gourmet versions were introduced in the marketplace, many people stopped using milk and sugar all together.

Gourmet coffee isn’t just for the mornings anymore. Many people look forward to coming home after a long day to have a cup of coffee and relax away the things that had troubled them throughout the day.

Coffee houses were formed and many women would form what is called a coffee club to get together and share their favorite coffee with their friends. Many coffee clubs will test and try the newest forms of gourmet coffee and then talk about them or other topics while they enjoy their coffee.

Gourmet coffee and coffee clubs are growing in popularity as a way for people to find the flavor of coffee they like the best. It’s a great way to experience new and interesting flavors of all the different gourmet coffees available.